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The Challenge

This Monsanto challenge stemmed from a business need around non-authorized employees (temp workers) using our internal software. The current crop of tools all required authenticated Monsanto IDs to use, which was a challenge for seasonal help with no credentials.

The ask was for a simplified data entry app that offered one-way communication with Monsanto services. It needed to be easy to use for field workers, support multiple languages, and provide standardized inputs for tasks and survey questions.

The Approach

I started by talking with the primary stakeholder to get a feel for what the business value was. We worked together to map out a basic flow of information. Monsanto users would set up tasks to be done and issue work out to the new user group. I made a list of assumptions about the users as well, that they would be field workers, not technology native, would work in direct sunlight with gloves on and likely hold something else besides their phone.

These insights shed light on the need for easy to use form controls and a bare-bones "To Do" approach to the app. It needed to be approachable, simple to use, and clear in it's direction of what specific information is needed to limit data pollution.


The Deliverables

I worked to create a standardized set of components for form inputs - sliders, toggles, yes / no buttons, etc. to illustrate the simplicity of completing a survey or task list. I relied on comparable survey apps for reference in building out realistic question and answer models. I unfortunately did not have access to any sample surveys that the app would support. One risk I voiced was the lack of standardization of survey creation - the app would simply digest whatever surveys are put into the sytem, so if those were poorly thought out the app would pass that onto the user.


I coined the name "Periscope" because this app lets users collect data without revealing any of the sensitive content full time employees or researchers would have access to. It's simply a tool for getting data into a database. The app branding was just for presentation purposes.



The Results

I would like to have done more work around the end to end experience, exploring how surveys are created and users are invited or managed by admins. This was a proof of concept project for a business unit to validate an idea on paper before entertaining the budget or assigning development resources. In the end I believe my work help communicate some of their ideas in a complete thought, which will make it easier to move forward with the project at the appointed time.