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The Challenge

Coolfire Solutions was eager to launch a new platform as a service product called Ronin. The robust technology was already powering multiple client IoT and real-time data applications. I was tasked with designing the customer experience for the commercial version of Ronin, allowing any developer to sign up and begin using an instance of our tech.

The Approach

My biggest hurdle was understanding the platform and the value it delivered. To do this I spent time with developers (the current users) and asked about how they used the technology for different apps, how it helps them in their work, things they loved about it, and what could be better. Special attention was given to new hires as they had never encountered this tech before and their first impressions were immensely valuable. From there I contrived basic personas for developers and IT managers, blocked out basic customer journeys and identified on-boarding friction and opportunities for higher engagement.

The Deliverables

Using Sketch, I designed multiple pages of the site. Critical attention was given to supporting the customer journey before, during, and after conversion. I focused on the home, pricing, and billing pages first as those were part of the MVP to go live. Later, I worked on the product dashboard for configuring your instance, then stubbed in some support pages like contact and FAQ as those would be essential down the road - but no content or vision had been set.






Leadership was a major advocate for showing sample applications to help potential customers understand the flexibility and simplicity of using our platform. In addition to designing the first sample application, I created an engaging mini-product page to showcase the app and code that powers it. I worked closely with another developer to outline the steps for success and showcase the right code in context.


I worked with the marketing team at Coolfire to enhance the Ronin branding. The vision was to convert part of Coolfire's image into a "developer mode". I pulled out the secondary chartreuse green from the standards and paired it with a dark dark purple for some contrasting highs and lows. I capitalized on the Asian inspired Ronin "R" by designing custom illustrations for technology, features, and pricing which pulled everything into a nice motif. The branding was well received with many illustrations becoming stickers for the office - everyone loved the Ronin Cat.


The Results

The comps, workflows and branding were approved and prepped for development. Sadly the company vision shifted, and the development work was outsourced. Later the Ronin brand dissolved in favor of using the Coolfire name - not a bad decision, but the work I did was archived. The workflows and concepts for FAQ, account management, and product dashboard lived on to be implemented by another team.