June 01, 2019case study

At Coolfire I worked with another strategic partner to design a platform that makes managing IoT devices and Persons of Interest a breeze. For context, IoT devices refers to internet enabled cameras and sensors. Persons of Interest (POI…

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May 24, 2019case study

My role at Coolfire Solutions involved working on internal product initiatives as well as client-service work with our investors and partners. One investor, a global rental car company, had an initiative to reduce support costs by in…

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May 01, 2019case study

Coolfire Solutions was eager to launch a new platform as a service product called Ronin. The robust technology was already powering multiple client IoT and real-time data applications. I was tasked with designing the customer experience…

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August 01, 2018case study

This Monsanto challenge stemmed from a business need around non-authorized employees (temp workers) using our internal software. The current crop of tools all required authenticated Monsanto IDs to use, which was a challenge for seasonal…

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May 30, 2018case study

While working as a contract product designer with Monsanto, I partnered with a mobile team building a plant breeding app. The team had done great work getting the basic app off the ground, but it only supported single pollination workflows…

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March 22, 2018case study

As a product designer with Monsanto, I was tasked with simplifying a suite of 4 enterprise applications into a unified experience. The apps had been build for different business unites over various timelines, and not surprisingly there…

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November 12, 2017case study

I started by journey mapping the home buying process, leveraging my experience as a licensed Realtor, and was able to identify opportunities to design for emotion and delight. I also did a few usability reviews of the current app to…

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