Universe Corp.


While making the transition from graphic design to user experience design I worked at a construction company called Universe Corporation. They were expert fabricators of cladding and rain-screen systems, the skins you see on fancy high-rise buildings and car dealerships. I was an estimator - a blueprint reader and number cruncher, responsible for putting bids together for jobs. Fun stuff!

One day a discussion came up about business cards. A coworker showed me the current design and I remember thinking "This is our logo?". It was sort of a pink and blue seal with a picture of a building in the middle. Universe had been around for a few decades so this logo has done it's time, but I felt like we could benefit from a refresh, so I set to work that night making a more modern logo.


As with all ideas I sketched first. Most of my thumbnails were throwaway shapes, but I really started digging this hexagon looking fella. I was going for "building wrapped in cladding", which was the current logo, but distilled into simpler geometry. Something that would read well on a pen, or button, or favicon for a website. It needed to match current logo in spirit but be more dynamic in its application.


Once I had my top pick ready to go I put a nice presentation together, just some stationary mockups, and sent it to the president of the company. This was purely a passion project for me, so I simply shared the work and asked what he thought of it. I was expecting a polite "that's cool", or "nice, but we're not doing a rebrand right now". Instead I got a "Love it, I'm sending it to the board for review!"

I met with the executive staff that week to workshop some other ideas and iterate a few times. At the end of a brief design sprint we stuck with the original design and shipped it. Universe Corporate is now Universe Cladding Solutions featuring this here shape. It looks good on the new website they built, as well as on their marketing material. Everyone at the company seemed to like the new design, I call that a win.