May 30, 2018

iOS App


Bredbox is an application concept that streamlines data capture for controlled environments (greenhouses to the layman). The driving force behind this project was reimagining a complex UI to accommodate new features coming down the pipe.

The current internal application was limited to a single pollination workflow. As the agile team began working on new features they realized the current app structure was limiting. I broke apart the flow to make onboarding and location selection easier, two key activities that drive what workflows a user can accomplish.




The name Bredbox is a play on words as "Bred" is the past tense of breed, as in breeding plants. A breadbox is a container for keeping loaves of bread fresh and protected. This app will help plant breeding teams keep track of their controlled environment pollinations by capturing samples, pollination events, harvests, and other activities within greenhouses.


Once the flows were revamped the app made more sense to users and had a flexible structure to accommodate additional workflows and features. The development team used my flow chart and wire frames to begin making changes to the application UI. Within a day the updates were live and the team was able to add the important new features, without compromising the user experience.