August 01, 2018

Android App

Periscope is a prototype application design that enables users outside the organization firewall to collect data. Periscope emphasizes easy to use controls for filling out forms, and tracking activities and progress in a simple "todo" fashion.


Research was done to build out personas of the target users - hired hands and contract laborers who will perform the research or tasks randomly throughout the year. The app needed to be approachable, simple to use, and clear in it's direction of what information is needed.


Without having much content to drve the design, I wireframed several layouts for various types of questions the researchers may need to ask. I relied on comparable survey apps for reference in building out realistic question and answer models.


I coined the name "Periscope" because this app lets users collect data without revealing any of the sensitive content full time employees or researchers would have access to. It's simply a tool for getting data into a database.