User Experience Designer

Web Developer

Hey, I'm Brendan and I design practical software that's approachable and scalable. I love designing products for real people and building things for the web. Selected works are showcased here, while insights about my career, design, and code can be read here.

Recent Projects

My Skills

I have over 5 years experience designing software for agencies, enterprises, and startups. My proficiency in HCD methodologies helps me convert deep user empathy into usable, intuitive, and beautiful interfaces. As a master of modern design tools I excel at simplifying complex problems into high quality products that massively impact the business.


User research, personas, journey mapping, design sprints, wireframing, prototyping & user testing.


Color, type, white space, grids, design system creation and implementation, pixel perfect mockups, bespoke animations & micro interactions.


"Atomic Design" principles, Material Design guidelines, the Apple HIG, and an apprecation for A11y and WCAG standards.


Semantic HTML and templating languages like PUG, CSS including preprocessors like SASS, presentational JavaScript & React.

What People Say

Brendan has an infectious attitude that leaves you feeling excited to execute on the designs and concepts that he creates. He has also been a great mentor to the design team and has helped to bring them up to speed quickly.

Nicholas K.

His designs clearly articulate the value a user will get out of each interaction with the page. Working with Brendan was a treat. In three days of pairing, we were able to redesign the entire application and put forward a working prototype.

Johnny S.

Brendan works well as a team player. His ability to change designs and tasks to help the overall team is unparalleled. He not only will support his developers but also steps in as a developer when he can. It's amazing to have him around.

Calvin C.

Brendan is a talented, thoughtful UX and interaction designer. I am convinced he can learn and master any skill or practice to make himself a UX thought and practice lead.

Kate C.