Hey, I'm Brendan

I have over 5 years of UX design and development experience, applying my skills at startups, agencies, and major enterprises. Through design thinking and rapid prototyping, I have helped create user-centered solutions to some of the most complex business problems. My tenacity and entrepreneurial drive mean I'm always ready to take on the next challenge.

On my slice of the web you can learn more about my process, see some past projects, and what I've learned during my career in tech. If you're looking to collaborate on a proejct, grab a coffee, or rebuke some opinions please message me here. I read every email and love connecting with other design enthusiasts. Thanks for stopping by!

August 29, 2019blog
Test Driven Design

It may seem obvious, but outlining specific acceptance criteria is a great way to get non-designers involved in the user experience without having to go through all the work of making screens to review. These tests can guide designers on…

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August 08, 2019blog
No Blank Slates

There's a thing in the design community - more of a pattern than a trend - regarding portfolios and showcasing work. If you look at UI designs on Dribbble, "the leading destination to find & showcase creative work", you will generally find…

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May 22, 2019blog
Design Debt

I was listening to The Shop Talk Show (a show all about front end design and development) the other day when Dave Rupert and Chris Coyier got on a topic kind of close to the chest for me. In episode 360 "Riding a Bicycle" a listener wrote…

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