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About Me

Hey I'm Brendan and I'm a designer and developer in St. Charles, MO.

What do I design and dev? All sorts of things! I went to school for 3D modeling and animation for games then pivoted to graphic design, then web design and UX, before falling in love with code and building software.

I'm a fan of web technology and JavaScript and like building web apps with Vue.js. I like the Apple ecosystem, too, and am learning a bit about Swift and iOS development. Occasionally I dabble in graphic design, merch and logos.


I'm married with 2 kids so my family is my life most of the time. We enjoy hiking and camping together, building Lego, and playing video games.

Recently, I bought a Sony mirrorless DSLR and am trying to get better at photography and film-making.

I genuinely like writing code so I build little apps here and there.


I graduated Valedictorian from Full Sail University in 2010 with a Bachelor of Science in Game Art.

My studies focused on 3D modeling, texturing, sculpting, animation, shading and lighting, environment and character design, rigging, visual effects, and digital compositing.

After managing retail, teaching for 3 years, getting my Realtor's license, and running my own business... I took learning to code seriously and joined the Free Code Camp. Currently I've completed the following certifications: