I'm a hybrid designer / developer from St. Louis, Missouri. I have a bit of that Midwest Hustle in me, and am always learning something new. For me, design is a means of creativity and entrepreneurship - I believe designers have immense opportunities to impact both the business and the customer through their way of thinking and careful attention to their craft.

I started my career in digital art over a decade ago, focusing on 3D modeling and animation for games. Since then I've taught at colleges, hand-dyed yarn, was a licensed Realtor, and managed retail before discovering UX and Interaction Design. I'm a self-taught JavaScript developer and front-end engineer with a crush on React and plain old CSS.


Nicholas K.

Coolfire Solutions

Brendan has an infectious attitude that leaves you feeling excited to execute on the designs and concepts that he creates. He has also been a great mentor to the design team and has helped to bring them up to speed quickly.

Calvin C.

WWT Asynchrony Labs

Brendan works well as a team player. His ability to change designs and tasks to help the overall team is unparalleled. He not only will support his developers but also steps in as a developer when he can. It's amazing to have him around.

Johnny S.

WWT Asynchrony Labs

His designs clearly articulate the value a user will get out of each interaction with the page. Working with Brendan was a treat. In three days of pairing, we were able to redesign the entire application and put forward a working prototype.

Kate C.

WWT Asynchrony Labs

Brendan is a talented, thoughtful UX and interaction designer. I am convinced he can learn and master any skill or practice to make himself a UX thought and practice lead.



Semantic markup and accessible content.


Modular style blocks and preprocessors.


ES6 and beyond, I like everything JavaScript.


The best UI design tool. Period.


Mockups, comps, and anything needing 'texture'.


When I need to make a logo or icon in a timely fashion.


Props and state and hooks, oh my!


An opinionated framework for front end development.


Using React to build static sites (like this one).


Prototypes, freehands, and collaboration.


Editor of choice with good Git and Terminal integration.

Affinity Designer

The best tool for design on iPad.


  • Functional programming
  • Testable, DRY code
  • Working with Rest APIs
  • Working with Node.js
  • Accessibility
  • Animation
  • Atomic design
  • Design Systems
  • Rapid Prototyping
  • Journey Mapping
  • User Research
  • User Testing


Mercy Virtual

July 2019 - Present • Senior Software Design Engineer

JavaScript developer and UX practitioner, building the future of remote healthcare for the Mercy network.

  • Delivered new, intuitive features that improved provider experience using the patient dashboard
  • Enabled new lines of business by adapting a patient iPad app to both iPhone and Android for "BYOD" program

Coolfire Solutions

August 2018 - July 2019 • Senior UX / UI Designer

Design practice lead delivering value for internal and client initiatives.

  • Simplified POI management and facial recognition networks for a VIP security firm
  • Democratized real-time app development for internal Platform as a Service product
  • Cut roadside assistance costs and call times for an international rental car giant
  • Designed innovative approaches to VIP management and branch operations for rental car company
  • Pioneered new methodologies using Sketch, enabling robust scaling of design systems
  • Inspired a growing team of designers to never lose sight of the user

Bayer (Monsanto)

February 2018 - August 2018 • Product Designer

(Contract) Digital product designer focusing on field applications for iOS.

  • Optimized workflows around plant genetics and greenhouse breeding
  • Envisioned the future of field software converging into a single platform
  • Enriched others as a mobile-design advocate, sharing best practices of UI design

WWT Asynchrony Labs

January 2017 - February 2018 • UX Designer

Designer and web developer for various client projects.

  • Increased adoption of online consumer lending for a national bank
  • Reduced loss and damage claims for a global logistics company
  • Advocated for the user as an embedded UX Lead with client development teams

Bax Art & Design Co., LLC

July 2015 - January 2017 • Owner / Operator

The Guy who hustled to keep the lights on.

  • Shattered expectations for design quality and delivery for various clients and agencies
  • Didn't go broke working for myself

Controller Chaos

November 2013 - July 2015 • Senior Designer

Graphic, web, and product designer impacting all aspects of a pro-gaming business.

  • Increased sales and profit margins by revolutionizing the online ordering experience for an e-commerce gaming company
  • Reduced R&D costs by digitizing the production pipeline for new items
  • Maintained revenu streams throughout the year by launching a side company with existing infrastructure

ITT Technical Institute

March 2011 - November 2013 • Adjunct Instructor

Master of all things 3D at Earth City and Arnold campuses.

  • Converted brains to mush, then back to brains by teaching 3D modeling, animation, and graphic design at multiple campuses in the St. Louis area


Free Code Camp

2018 • Responsive Web Design Certification

300 hours of material covering responsive web design and development.

Full Sail University

2010 • Bachelor of Science in Game Art

Recognized as Valedictorian with Perfect Attendance and multiple Course Director's awards.