Add Personal Projects

Added some personal projects to home page.

  • Show a grid of personal projects
  • Add relevant content to project pages
  • Add relevant media to project pages


Update Case Study Previews

Added progressive disclosure pattern to case study list.

  • Show 3 case studies at a time with action to show more
  • Fix padding bug on case study details
  • Add additional summary content to case study section


Update Case Study List

Refined case study content and added all case studies to home page.

  • Add dynamic route for collection of case studies
  • Convert featured case study element to reusable component
  • Update animation script to handle other animation types
  • Update responsive sizing and layout for case study body


Style Case Study Content

Added some basic styles and formatting for case study content.

  • Add styles for header, section titles, and body copy
  • Move animation script to global component
  • Improve gallery component spacing


Featured Case Study

Added a featured case study to the home page with some light styling.

  • Add featured case study to home page
  • Add basic styles to this element
  • Make dark mode darker


Content copy

Migrated content from old MD files to new site, nothing visible at this time.

  • Add case study layout component with blocked content
  • Add generic gallery component to show images
  • Copy paste a whole mess of old content


Design refactor

Removed the design route and all the boilerplate component styles I built a week or two ago... Essentially these elements were defined for the sake of definition, but were not going to be used. I have opted to build out styles as needed when composing varous elements across the site, vs a weighty library built up front.

  • Restyle home hero, add animation
  • Distills theme to base and muted colors
  • Applies theme globally with bg and text styles
  • Removes design route
  • Removes all the CSS I wrote


Codepen link

Added a link to Codepen to the main CTA.

  • Add Codepen logo as SVG
  • Add link to Codepen profile


Responsive style updates

Applied design system styles to changelog, improved responsive layout for design page.

  • Add xs breakpoint to Tailwind config
  • Add responsive styles to 2 col grid on design page
  • Apply type scale to changelog cards and page header


Minor style updates

Applied container styles to changelog and added some padding for mobile users.

  • Add WIP link styles to navigation
  • Add padding to content pages
  • Apply card styles to changelog cards


Design system documentation

Created a dedicated design page to document the evolving type scale and styles.

  • Add design route, link in footer
  • Build semantic CSS classes for typography
  • Build basic component styles for cards and buttons


Layout update

Updated the layout for a fixed navbar. The nav and footer are now dedicated components.

  • Set page height to be dynamic
  • Style theme toggle with Tailwind classes
  • Add logo to navbar, make nav its own component
  • Add dedicated footer component with links to source


Theme build

Leveraged Tailwind to create a custom theme, supporting light and dark modes.

  • Create a theme toggle in header
  • Create a color theme for both modes
  • Connect theme selection to local storage and OS prefs
  • Add link to changelog in footer


Initial release

A new chapter begins! This is a complete overhaul of my site using new technology, creating new content, and taking a very different development approach.

  • Create a blank Astro site, deployed to Netlify
  • Style placeholder content for homepage
  • Add changelog page and data structure