Tavern Valley Clay


My folks are retired and do pottery as a hobby. They needed a simple website to showcase some pieces and help people feel confident giving them money for things. They also needed a logo that was easy to stamp into clay. And business cards. Always help your parents.


Design a logo that aligned with their business name, Tavern Valley Clay. The monogram was geometric and easy to stamp on pottery. To make it easy on my dad I 3D printed a few resin tools so he could consistently stamp their wares.

I whipped up a business card that worked for both of them so they wouldn’t need to print two sets. I also built a website using Nuxt (Vue, as a static site) and hosted it for free on Netlify to save them some money. I used Tailwind CSS and wrote a custom lightbox to handle the gallery.

Lastly, I did a photo shoot with their favorite pieces to get some good photos on the site.


I saved my folks some money so they could do their hobby with confidence. The website is basic but gets the job done, and I really like how most of the photos turned out. The 3D stamp was a nice touch, my dad was very appreciative because carving the logo was a major constraint on creativity.

Check out the website to see their work.