March 2017


UX Designer Front End Developer


Angular 2 JavaScript HTML CSS Sketch


World Wide Technology partnered with Asynchrony Labs to build a mobile app to reduce damaged item loss and improve carrier rates by identifying top performers.


Develop personas based on user research, contextual inquiries, and interviews at the nearest customer warehouse. Create a mobile-first web app with large tap targets to maximize usability and avoid requiring bulky tablets.


Users had several physical limitations requiring special usability consideration. Safety glasses, work gloves, warehouse noise, no “work space”, and bulky device cases made using technology much harder. We were working with an existing application that needed usability improvements to get adoption by workers.


I paired with another developer for a few days to build a functional prototype of the new design with Angular 2.0. We were able to complete a rebuild and get the app in front of users to validate this direction.

I also mocked up a streamlined driver check-in flow, and an admin panel to track the queue and access damage metrics which were key to negotiating carrier rate contracts.