D.A.R.T.S. is a shipping and receiving app designed to ensure accurate parcel delivery, reduce loss from damaged items, and improve carrier rates by identifying top performers. I joined the project just in time for an MVP launch and worked to improve the user experience and design new features for upcoming releases.


To get up to speed I developed personas based on some field research, contextual inquiries, and interviews at the nearest warehouse. The users had several physical limitations requiring special consideration in the UI including poor vision, larger-than-normal fingers, gloves, a warehouse environment, safety glasses, and bulky device cases.

Part of the redesign involved leveraging a mobile-first approach so users wouldn't need to carry iPads on forklifts or dollies. I created large, tappable icons and action items, added a dedicated keypad for improved focus and accuracy, and drew custom icons relevant to the tasks at hand.

I paired with another developer for a few days to build a functional prototype with Angular 2.0. We were able to do a complete rebuild and get the app in front of users to validate this design direction.

I also explored adding a kiosk for truck check-ins to further streamline data entry into the app and minimize errors. I also created an admin panel to track data and access carrier metrics which were key to negotiating carrier rate contracts.


D.A.R.T.S. was a pilot program for World Wide Technology, Asynchrony Labs. The pilot was well received but the program lacked funding to continue production. Ultimately the project was scrapped and the team moved on to other projects.

The epic logo was created by Toby Gerber.