In 2018 I joined Monsanto as a contract UX Designer. I brought a human-centered design approach to various projects including a controlled environment breeding app, a mapping solution, and a data capture app.


Each project had it's own constraints and purpose. For the most part I was asked to do some discovery work around the problem, seek to understand the users needs, and hypothesize a potential solution.

I was able to facilitate a user testing session with one team, which went great. We spent a day meeting with users, demoing our app, and getting real feedback about how they expected it to work.


I spent the most time on the controlled environment breeding app for iOS, I code-named it Bredbox, working closely with the development team to evaluate the experience and streamline some basic pollination workflows.

I also worked on a geospatial mapping app I called Annex. The goal was to consolidate some legacy apps into one experience. The work lasted a few weeks and I produced some higher fidelity mockups to ignite more interest in this initiative.

My last project was called Periscope, a prototype for non-corporate users to collect data. I worked with a product manager to understand the needs around this app and mapped out the user flows. From there I put some hi-fi concepts together to show simplified form interactions.