January 2019


UX Designer


Sketch InVision

The following application is for security and threat management. The faces and names used in the images below were sourced from Unsplash and open-source libraries. All names were generated with random tools in Sketch.

Any likeness to a real people is coincidental and unintentional - none of the people represented in these designs are in a threat database (to my knowledge).


Design a solution to manage Persons of Interest (POI) data for a private security company. Reduce response times to threats, increase situational awareness, and automate tracking and alerts for suspicious activity.


Create a web app to manage the POI data and create rules and filters for the system. Create a mobile app for field agents responding to threats or activity.


The app had to accommodate a phone book, a texting app, a facial ID device, a social media feed, a mapping tool, a diary, a sensor management platform, and a marketplace for data all at once. I leveraged progressive disclosure and contextual design to improve usability and allow users to dig deeper into relevant data as needed.


Digitizing the POI data helped simplify record updates. Coolfire’s facial recognition technology helped reduce response times and improved the efficiency of the command center agents, allowing them to monitor feeds from multiple events simultaneously.

Features like chat and threat levels made communication more effective and surfaced the right information at the right time.

I also delivered the Redlyst branding for the client as additional scope of work.