Enterprise (the rental car folks) had an initiative to reduce support costs by moving their roadside assistance call centers in-house. They needed a robust situational awareness tool for managing those inbound calls and Coolfire Solutions was asked to deliver.


As the UX Designer for Coolfire I interviewed the current call center agents and shadowed their work as they addressed hundreds of calls. After a bit of discovery, I conducted design sprints and workshops with Enterprise stakeholders to understand their view of the product's focus and business value. I put together basic wireframes and prototypes to illustrate the user flows, balancing the desire for prescribed worksflows with the tool's flexibility.

The application allowed users to:

  1. Find a customer's rental in the database
  2. Surface relevant information about the rental ticket
  3. Find the customer on a map and identify the nearest solution to their problem (tow truck, gas station, rental branch)

Opportunities for delight included simplified search, easy-to-use mapping, a wizard for identifying problems, and simplifying access to a vehicle features database.


The call center is live and being actively used for roadside problems. The client passed on feedback from a training session with new workers...

"We got some rave reviews today in the training class... 'I’ve worked at a lot of Contact Centers, and in a lot of systems, and this is the best system I’ve worked in. It’s very smooth and user friendly.'"

Samantha T.
Sr. Product Manager at Enterprise